Highly experienced nordic asset management team

Cliens Kapitalförvaltning is a partner-owned and independent asset management firm. We aim to provide investors with competitive long-term returns. 
Our team of experienced portfolio managers are specialized in the Nordic equity and bond markets and our business consists of discretionary asset management and fund management.

The firm is actively managing six investment funds, all funds managed by Cliens are traded daily:

Cliens Sverige Fokus 
Fund manager: Thomas Brodin + Team
Inception Date: 2011-03-31
Benchmark: SIX Return Index
Fund summary: Cliens Sverige Fokus is a concentrated fund focused on Swedish equities, the fund holds 20-25 companies.

Cliens Sverige 
Fund manager: Roger Hedberg + Team
Inception date: 2004-12-31
Benchmark: SIX Return Index
Fund summary: Cliens Sverige is a concentrated fund focused on Swedish equities, the fund normally holds 25-40 companies.

Cliens Småbolag
Fund manager: Carl Sundblad + Team
Inception date: 2016-09-30
Benchmark: Carnegie Small Cap Return Index
Fund summary: Cliens Småbolag is a concentrated fund focused on Swedish small- and midcaps, the fund normally holds 25-35 companies.

Cliens Mixfond
Fund manager: Carl Sundblad and Wilhelm Högström
Inception date: 2004-12-31
Benchmark: 50% SIX Return Index / 50% OMRX T-Bill
Fund summary: Cliens Mixfond is an unconstrained actively managed fund
that allocates between fixed income securities and equities. It will always
hold at least 25% of any of the asset classes.

Cliens Företagsobligationer
Fund manager: Wilhelm Högström
Inception Date: 2018-03-19
Benchmark: No official benchmark
Fund summary: Cliens Corporate Bonds is an actively managed fixed income fund that mainly invests in corporate bonds with high credit ratings, both Swedish and foreign. Investments in foreign currency are hedged.

Cliens Räntefond Kort
Fund manager: Wilhelm Högström
Inception Date: 2011-03-31
Benchmark: OMRX T-Bill
Fund summary: Cliens Räntefond kort is an actively managed money market fund that invests in fixed-income instruments denominated in Swedish kronor. 

In addition, the firm manages investment capital on behalf of institutional clients. Cliens Kapitalförvaltning have assets under management of approximately SEK 18 billion (1,8 billion €).

Cliens Kapitalförvaltning AB is approved by the Swedish Finansinspektionen
(The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority).

Cliens Asset Management Team:

9Thomas Brodin
Primary portfolio manager, Cliens Sverige Fokus

12Gunnar Håkanson
Portfolio manager

8Jonas Gustafson
Portfolio manager

16_37_Carl Sundblad_4716Carl Sundblad
Primary portfolio manager, Cliens Småbolag and Cliens Mixfond

Wilhelm Närbild

Wilhelm Högström
Portfolio manager, Fixed Income

Roger Hedberg_narbild

Roger Hedberg
Primary portfolio manager, Cliens Sverige

Lena Wallenius, CEO
Phone: +46 8 506 503 91
Cell: +46 702 83 82 04
E-mail: lena.wallenius@cliens.se

Fund documents (English Versions):

Cliens Sverige Fokus (A)
Fund Rules

If you are interested in our company or investing in our funds, please contact:

Tomas Henriks
Head of Sales and Marketing
Phone: +46 8 506 503 96
Cell: +46 702 28 18 98
E-mail: tomas.henriks@cliens.se

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